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Point of Sale for Franchise Structure

Frozen Yogurt Franchise Chart Up

Let us simplify your franchising projects. Sintel Systems is the leader in business automation. We can take the place of multiple vendors, providing you all the services you need. We are devoted to delivering professional services that make franchising easy. Our solutions allow for control over remote locations via corporate locations.

Franchise POS Model Diagram

Multiple satellite stores can be controlled from a corporate location using a private virtual network which allows for access to each stores database. A Point of Sale System in each location will be dedicated to conduct transactions, and perform day to day needs such as managing a built in time clock system. Corporate offices can manage and retrieve administrative information. The Point of Sale Franchising structure is designed for full access to all reporting features for each individual location.

Some of many features included are the ability to:
Retrieve Information from Each Stores
Payroll Information
Sales Data
Profit Loss Reporting
Inventory Reports