Chinese Food Software Features

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Chinese Restaurant POS Software

Powerful Menu and Table Layout Tool

Easy-to-set-up Menu Modifiers

Customizable Quick Serve Mode

Kitchen Display

Print Kitchen Receipts in Chinese

On-Hold/Suspended Orders

Delivery Orders and Caller ID Integration

To-go and Online Ordering Functions

Catering Options

Multiple Stations

Multi-Store/Multi-Location BackOffice Expansion

Payment Processing Integration

Auto/Manual Database Backup

Restore Function


Customer Tracking

Customer Loyalty and Point Program

Gift Cards

Customer Information

Transaction History

Real Time Customer Management



Real-time Inventory Tracking



Password Protection

Multiple Security Levels

Clock In/Clock Out

Back Office Software



Product Sales

Physical Inventory

Reprint Receipts


Report Customization

By Range of Dates

Export to File (Excel)

Output to Printer, File, Screen



Label for Delivery Orders