POS (Point of Sale) NTEP (by Weight) Certified software

Our POS Software is NTEP Certified  for processing of weighted items such as produce, frozen yogurt, candy and much much more. Customers who purchase point of scale systems with integrated scales will be required to purchase the proper permits from the local Departments of Weights and Measures. In most cases shortly after opening a city inspector will visit your store to test our POS System Software and Scale making sure it passes all the requirements.


1.  They will check the POS Software for NTEP Certification
2.  They will check the POS Scale for Certification with respect to the POS Software
3.  They will check the scale for accuracy in variouse ways using special weights
4.  They will verify the tare function and it’s accuracy. In most countries the tare weight of the container must be removed from the sale. Our POS Software is capable of removing the tare weight of containers and cups. It can also processes multiple sizes of containers.
5.  They will check the customer display to make sure everything is accurately shown.
6.  After a test transaction they will also check the reciept to make sure it contains tare information.

One-Stop-Point-of-Sale-Sintel-SystemsOnce all these are checked you will be asked to fill out and sign paperwork. In most jurisdictions there will be a permit fee or tax collected.  The inspector will then label the scale with a certified city seal wtih expiration date.  This will happen every year for as long as you are open.


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