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The bicycle was introduced in the 19th century.  This ingenious invention modernized society and led to the improvement of industrial methods.  Across the world, the principal use of the bicycle is transportation.  Some use it for work purposes like couriering and general delivery.  The use of the bicycle has become more and more popular because it is used for recreation purposes like mountain biking, BMX, physical training, track racing, and time trail.  Imagine yourself touring across Europe in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, or the Vuelta a España in your bicycle.

If your store provides customers with the many different types of bicycles ranging from hybrids, cruisers, mountain, tandems, lowriders, utility, even unicycles and tricycles, Sintel Systems has the best business solutions for you.

Point of Sale for Bicycle Retail Store is complete with everything you need to get going. To customize your order click on the package that best suits your business needs. For a comparison of systems, click here.