Sintel Systems Model 5i POS Terminal

The Model 5i is a High Quality POS Terminal All-In-One TouchPC accompanied by high quality and dependable peripherals suitable for your business. Accompanied with a portfolio of professional POS software platforms and the industry’s most extensive technical support plan, the Model 5i is perfect for any operation.

All In One Touch PC: Boasting an Intel® Atom D525 1.8Ghz Dual Core Processor (or upgradable Cortex A8) in an IP54 rated fanless design, the Model 5i more than doubles the processing power of the commonly used N270 Atom chipset by adding a second on-die CPU, faster core speed, and utilizing faster DDR3 RAM. Side Integrated Card Reader included.

POS Series 5 Series
POS System Color White with Black Accents
Max Stations 3 Terminals (No Server Required)
POS Processor Intel® Atom D525 1.8Ghz Dual Core Procesor or Cortex A8
RAM Memory 2GB DDR3
POS Housing ABS Outershell with Aluminum Frame
POS Chipset CPU with Graphic built-in + ICH 8M
POS Video Card Integrated Intel® GMA® 3650 Graphics Engine GFX frequency up to 640 Mhz