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If you like to eat healthy, then you probably like to drink healthy too. Juice Bars are an excellent place to find fresh, delicious beverages that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterward. It’s a healthy alternative to drinking soda or coffee. Juice Bars set a great emphasis on nutrition, which lends itself to much of their ever-growing popularity. In addition to juice blends and fruit smoothies, many Juice Bars expanded their menu to carry various types of fresh foods for the healthier consumer, including soups, salads & sandwiches. In an increasing population of consumers looking to trim that waist line or simply looking for quality freshness, this industry shows no sign of slowing down.

While Juice Bar companies rise to meet the demands of their customers, the Point of Sale industry increases development to meet the demands of the companies. In a business catering to such enormous, loyal customer base, having up-to-date Point of Sale technology is essential.

“Managing your Juice Bar has never been Easier”

With our POS software, transactions are processed quickly and accurately. This top-of-the-line software combines simple user interfaces with powerful management tools. Featuring a simple, intuitive back office which does not require hours of labor intensive data entry, entering your menu items can be done in minutes. This in turn makes employee training fast and easy.

Below you can choose from three different and complete Juice Bar Point of Sale Systems.  These systems include everything you need: Pre-configured Hardware, Pre-installed Software, and Customer Service.  Packages are designed based on Ease of Use, Efficiency, Long Term Dependability, and Appearance.