Business Operations Amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Delivery, Curb-Side, & Drive-Thru – Serving Customers During Coronavirus

As the industry’s leading POS Solution provide, Sintel Systems is always prepared to not only serve our clients during critical times with their POS needs, but offer advice that will help us through this time and come out stronger. Sitting back and allowing this to consume our communities is not the answer.

Help Your Neighbors – Sintel Systems has seen an increase in sales activity in our supermarkets, produce, grocery, and market stores just has been televised on major chains like Ralphs, Walmart, and Target. While many are running to the stores and at time have turned preparedness into hording, there are those in our communities who may not be able to go to the store. If you have elderly or those suffering from illness, ask them if you can get supplies for them. Not only will you play an essential role for them, but also ensure that they do not expose themselves to unnecessary risk.

Here are a few business pointers to help:

  1. Communicate – This is the time to communicate and update your customers in real time. Use your social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter to let them know if you are open and if you are offering delivery.
  2. Serve Your Customers – As the Covid-19 matter continues to evolve worldwide, restaurants and all retailers can play an important role in serving those most vulnerable, their communities, and keep employees working. There are many in our communities including the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions, and others who will be unable to leave their homes. These groups of people in our communities still rely on many of the goods and services you provide. Increasing and publicizing your Online/Mobile Ordering abilities to offers Delivery and Curb-Side service will help all. Use your social media accounts and other means to publicize this.
  3. Retail Delivery – It does not matter what type of operation you have, utilize your employees to deliver goods. You will receive calls asking if you are open. This is the perfect time to tell your customers that you can deliver for them.
  4. Drive Thru –Drive-Thru operations with the ability to expand their services should. Examples include using your hand-held POS devices to alleviate the long lines. Also, morph your operation into a hybrid Drive-Thru/Drive-Up operation where customers can place orders quickly at the Drive Thru, but wait for their food at designated area.
  5. Food Packaging – Some customer may order food for a few days. Ask and publicize that you can package food more appropriately for longer storage. Offer direction on storing the food and provide instructions on how to reheat food properly for great taste.
  6. Food Safety – Many might be fearful of ordering food and there are steps you can take to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff and customers.
    • Foremost ensure that your employees are trained and if needed retrained on maximum food safety. This includes wearing gloves and making sure your staff are healthily. Check on every employee’s health. Employees with any signs, should stay home. Your employees are what make your business run. If they stay home, pay them.
    • Videos and Photos – Take pictures and post videos of your kitchen and how all safety precautions are being taken.
    • Reheat – Instruct customer how they can use simple reheating to be confident. As an example, if you deliver them pizzas and they are concerned, let them know that they can stick the pizza in an oven at a certain temperature for the designated amount of time which would technically sanitize the food.
  7. Store Safety – Make your store safety policies visible. If you are supermarket have an employee continuously cleaning counters, door handles, cared card terminals, shipping cart handles, and anywhere where there is customer contact. For our frozen yogurt customers keeping the handles on the Frozen Yogurt machines clean is of upmost importance.
  8. Pizzerias – Half-baked pizza. Those who have visited some our famous Pizzeria clients in Chicago and elsewhere are familiar with this concept. This is a concept that allows the pizzeria to prepare the pizza to a point where the customers later can put it in the oven and cook it.
  9. Credit Card – Paper money notes are porous and studies have shown that it can carry viruses. Encourage the use of credit cards to keep your staff and customers safe.