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The following page will provide information in simple form on what is commonly regarded as EMV (Europe/MasterCard /Visa) regulation and how it will affect your POS system.

What is EMV?  EMV is standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards (chip cards) for authenticating credit or debit card transactions. It is basically the credit cards (currently used in Europe) that have chips in them that make it harder for fraudsters to replicate.

Who has been responsible for establishing  and pushing this standard onto merchants? It is Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.  The POS companies and merchant account providers had no part in this.

When is EMV going into effect? October 1, 2015, but do not panic as your POS system and credit card reader will continue to work until EMV hardware/software is installed.

How does EMV effect my POS system? The current integrated credit card readers (also known as MSR – Magnetic Strip Readers) on your POS systems only read the magnetic strip part of a credit card.

Can my current POS card reader read EMV-ready card (i.e. cards with chips)? Yes, because all EMV cards also have magnetic stripes.

How does EMV effect me as a merchant? Please read carefully. If a customer uses an EMV-ready card AND your terminal is not EMV ready AND the charge is fraudulent, then the merchant is liable for the charge.

What hardware is needed? A special pin pad and EMV card reader that is connected to the POS but is placed in-front of the customer.

Why is this hardware not fully integrated into the side of the POS system? As part of EMV, the card is not supposed to leave the customers sight or possession. Therefore the customer must insert the card into the machine, wait for it to read, and then remove it.

Where can I purchase the hardware from? Please see here:  EMV Reader & Pin Pad or call us at 972-POS-TECH

How many of the EMV-ready pads do I need? One per POS terminal.

Who will configure the EMV-terminal for me once I receive it? Sintel Systems will do all the needed configurations. We will send the terminals configured and then perform the configuration on your POS systems remotely overnight. Please remember to leave them on at night.