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Chocolate, Candy, or Confections! People from everywhere and all ages love these sweets. Countless varieties of chocolate and candy account for the most popular gifts used for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and almost every other occasion. Chocolate has become extremely popular over the years.  Once a person masters the artistry of chocolate, they can compete in making confections from ganache, sugar syrup, and fondant.  Skilled chocolatiers will craft beautiful and delicious edible pieces. Chocolate has been the center of several successful book and film adaptations too. According to NCA estimates, total retail sales of chocolate confectionery reached $18 billion in 2010. Sales have increased approximately four percent annually for the past several years, and recent research forecasts more growth for the industry in next years.

While Chocolate and Candy manufacturers and retailers grow to meet the demands of their customers, the Point of Sale industry increases development to meet the demands of the companies. In a business catering to millions of people internationally, having up-to-date Point of Sale technology is essential.

With the numerous ways that candy can be sold, a Candy Shop Point of Sale from Sintel Systems will allow you to run you shop efficiently. There is variety of places (local, tourist, transportation hubs) that you can have your Candy Store established together with the wide range of customers. Our Candy Shop POS will give you the control you need to improve the bottom line and save time.

«Managing your Candy & Chocolate Shop has never been EASIER»

We know that every Candy Store is different and so is our Candy Shop POS System. Maybe your store only sells chocolate chip cookies and inventory count is not practical.  What if your Candy Shop only sells prepackaged sweets and inventory must be definite? Our POS will keep track.  What if your store sells by weight and prepackaged sweets? Our integrated Candy POS with scale (gram/ounce/lbs) will quickly weigh and match products while other items can be directly input into the POS. Sintel Systems will personalize a POS package that best fits your business needs.

candy and chocolate shopDon’t forget that tedious task of employee time sheet management. When your employee shows up at 9:13 instead of 8:59, you will know because our Candy POS System has that built system that efficiently keeps track of time.  Gift cards for your confectionery are a great idea. Our integrated POS system will allow you to issue gift cards which customers can easily redeem as credit card transactions. Are you in a high traffic area with many customers? Not to worry, our Point of Sale systems with the incorporated credit card processing will process the orders accurately in seconds.

It does not matter at what stage your business is at, the correct POS system from Sintel Systems will further improve the effectiveness of operations. Don’t let your profits fly away and don’t lose customers due to delayed transactions.  Don’t forget, incorrect track of inventory and employee time is a wasteful expense.  Remember your Candy Store POS is an investment and not an expense.

With our POS software, transactions are processed quickly and accurately. This top-of-the-line software combines simple user interfaces with powerful management tools. Featuring a simple, intuitive back office which does not require hours of labor intensive data entry, entering your menu items can be done in minutes. This in turn makes employee training fast and easy.