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Most working adults have very little time to enjoy themselves, so if you are in the mood to get pampered and relax it is great to be able to go to a Spa once in a while. Why not treat yourself? Many Spas also function as a Full Service Beauty Salon, so not only do you get to indulge, you may also get a new hair style, a manicure, or a pedicure. Salons and Spas have demonstrated to be an industry not affected by the recession of the United States. Although sales slightly declined in 2008, they remain robust with long term positive forecast and are expected to continue growing and prospering in the following years.

While Salons and Spas rise to meet the demands of their customers, the Point of Sale industry increases development to meet the needs of the Salons. In a business serving to such a massive, loyal customer base, having up-to-date Point of Sale technology is vital.

“Managing your Salon and Spa has never been EASIER”

Our Salon POS System is your complete salon management tool. Salon POS Systems include many features such a simple user interface that will facilitate your daily front desk operations, appointment scheduling, and also manage the employee’s time. The System performs multiple functions; it will confirm appointments, cash out retail customers, organize customer notes and manage your walk in queue all from your calendar screen. Featuring a simple, intuitive back office which does not require hours of labor intensive data entry, entering your items can be done in minutes. You will no longer have to go back and forth between screens to manage your business. Our Salon POS System is specifically designed for any establishment where simple or advanced appointment bookings are needed. This includes hair salons, nails salons and spas ranging from individual locations to multiple larger locations. The system will help you schedule more efficiently and generate more revenue each business day.

How to select the BEST Salon and Spa POS System?

Sintel Systems provides three different complete Salon POS systems (see below). These systems include everything you need: Pre-configured Hardware, Pre-installed Software, & Customer Service. Packages are designed based on Ease of Use, Efficiency, Long Term Dependability and Appearance.