Sintel Systems Commends Naming Navarro DPA Policy Coordinator

March 27, 2020 7:00 PM EST

Los Angeles, CA – Sintel Systems Global POS immediately commended President Trump’s naming of Peter Navarro as the National Defense Production Act (DPA) Policy Coordinator amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The naming of Navarro was done during Friday’s Coronavirus briefing after the House of Representatives passed and the President signed the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.

Navarro commented that the DPA was invoked “to make sure we get what we need as soon as possible.” That is after what Navarro explained, “in the past few days, we ran into roadblock with GM.”

Referring to challenges with General Motors (GM) and manufacturing ventilators Navarro said, “We cannot afford to lose a single day particularly over the next 30-60 days,” but added “For the most part, we’ve had tremendous cooperation from the private sector.”

Sintel Systems Director of Communication’s Mark Keen stated, “One of our top executives whose personal knowledge of Mr. Navarro’s economic policies dates back almost 20 years, expressed 100 percent confidence in the appointment of Mr. Navarro.”

Navarro said the DPA was activated because those pieces of equipment [ventilators] are “really the most important thing for patients who become seriously ill. They are literally the lifeline for people”

There have been calls by the media and various sources to name a military general to coordinate the current Coronavirus logistics.   Keen quotes one of the company’s top executive as, “I have known Mr. Navarro and his economic policies including his stance on trade way before he was in the White House. He is the general you need now given his knowledge of supply chain management and dedication to get it done.”

Sintel Systems Global POS is the industry’s single-source solution provider with real time insight into POS and merchant account transactions in addition to daily payroll data. The company has been proactive in offering policy recommendations while fully maintaining its staff and operations. The company has committed to zero layoffs or cutbacks.