Tablet-i Retail

Tablet-i Retail is an Android™ based POS solution that is perfectly suited for smaller apparel, convenience, liquor, and
other retail store types. This industry leading, next generation solution, is powerful, reliable, and possesses all of the key
features you need to run your store efficiently.

Tablet-i Retail has a customizable, intuitive user interface that maximizes productivity, while the customer and business
management features help improve customer flow and increase revenue. The Cloud back office provides robust
business analytics to streamline employee, vendor, and inventory management to help maximize profitability and control losses.

✓ Increase revenue ✓ Maximize staff productivity ✓ Streamline customer flow ✓ Enhance customer experience



– Real-time inventory tracking, transfer and reporting
– Purchase order tracking
– Control inventory for multiple stores
– Track item costs and profit margins
– Maintain and manage a list of vendors, inventory and pricing





– Cloud-based back office supports tablet and smartphones
– Customizable reports including sales by designated period,
location, employee, or item
– Data bank to create customer profiles
– Sales and transaction history
– Track discounts, coupons, and refund history for one or
multiple store
– Item ledger logs (price change, sales data, data change history)
– Global customer management


– Capture signatures and send receipts electronically
– Supports multiple cashier stations
– Register/drawer manager controls cash on floor
– Print gift receipts
– Offline POS mode





Merchant Revenue


Merchants can now quickly and cost effectively

create and customize promotions via e-mail to existing

and prespective customers.






Discount items or services by dollar amount or percent

  • Build loyalty
  • Create cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Personalize offers by customer profile


Bundle services to create custom packages and offers

  • Increase exposure
  • Promote new business
  • Generate increased business from current customers
  • Personalize offers by customer profile




FlexGiftSM is the ultimate loyalty tool, giving
merchants the flexibility of offering gift and
loyalty cards program to their customers.

Key Features

– Supports single or multi-locations
– Real-time online reporting tools
– Check transaction history & balance

e-Gift Features

– Send e-Gift cards via e-mail
– QR code, barcode format and card number format
– Easy to reload cards

HARDWARE Specification





Operating System:

Supported Peripherals:

10.1” IPS touch screen (1280 X 800 resolution)

1.4GHZ Quad Core Processor



Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Proprietary docking station with built-in printer and MSR


10.1” tablet
POS software preinstalled
Docking station
– Magnetic stripe reader
– Receipt printer
– I/O ports for cash drawers, barcode scanners,
additional printers, etc
– WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
– Tilt feature for customer viewing