Sintel Systems Channel Partner Program – [S2CP2]
Sintel Systems POS has strong partners at every stage of our work. Our philosophy aligns the goals of all involved including our hardware manufacturing facilities, our software development, our superb technical support team, our global partners, our international clients, and their customers. We know that all parties in this chain must benefit without compromising the interest of any other party. The Sintel Systems Channel Partner Program (S2CP2) allows our partners across the globe to work with Sintel Systems to deliver unparalleled POS service to their customers. The S2CP2 step program ensures from the beginning that our partners are not overburdened and their customers receive exceptional service regardless of our partner’s initial abilities, knowledge, or experience. The objective of S2CP2 is that partners receive immediate benefits without great time or financial investment. This is why S2CP2 is not the typical reseller, agent, or distributor program. Here is the typical stages of the S2CP2:

  • The first few transactions are essentially referrals and a learning experience for the Channel Partner (CP). The CP will work closely with a Sintel Systems staff member and refer a potential customer for POS service. After the initial referral, the CP can choose their level of involvement from simply referring a customer to actually installing the system. Yes, our CP will be ready to install their first referral. Once the first system is shipped and installed, generous referral fee is provided to the CP directly from Sintel Systems. There is no need for the CP to add a charge on top of the price Sintel Systems charges for POS services. The CP does not require a physical location or a large time investment to start. The CP will also not be responsible for system configuration, training, menu setup, technical support, or any other POS needs. Sintel Systems will directly offer these services which are included as part of the POS system. This allow the CP to pursue new customers and quickly learn while being rewarded for their work directly from Sintel Systems.
  • Once the CP has successfully added ten customers to their account, they qualify to become a Sintel Systems Outlet however, the CP can continue as a referral source and not take on extra responsibilities. As Sintel Systems Outlet, selling the system, collecting the funds, and installing becomes the responsibility of the CP. Naturally, the fees provided by Sintel Systems to the CP increase. At this stage, the CP will not be responsible for training, technical support, or any other needs.
  • The Sintel Systems Certified Center is the next stage and CP’s are eligible after 20 total accounts have been accumulated. At this stage, the CP can directly offer the POS system and services to the customer. The CP will receive the POS system from Sintel Systems and directly offer it to the customer. Sintel Systems Certified Center are responsible for all needs and earn rewards with increased responsibilities.

The above process is intended to ensure that all parties are protected including the customer. In order to ensure that the end-user if always protected, Sintel Systems will always be available regardless of the status of the CP. Having a strong global POS partner will offer the confidence the CP’s potential customers need.

Learn more about Sintel Systems POS all-inclusive technical support plan and watch our restaurant software demo here: