Panera’s POS Technology

Panera Bread has reinvented itself and what it means to eat at one of their restaurants. Panera has done this by releasing and incorporating new technology to help its restaurants run smoother. Panera’s new POS technology allowed Panera to really change the customer experience by shaping the customer experience around digital and mobile technology itself. POS Technology has now enhanced the Panera experience.

And according to the article “How Panera reinvented its customer experience in a tech-driven world” by Julia Russell, “To execute the company’s plans, executives spent about a hundred hours per week in its stores to work through the operations of the digital tools Panera decided to incorporate into its new customer experience. The key was ensuring that the chain could fulfill the new experience totally while offering an element of personalization, Berinato said, and the result was a slate of new tech tools including mobile apps, an order-ahead service, in-store kiosks, tableside mobile ordering and more.”

Panera’s innovation and huge step forward in the merging of food and tech has brought a new focus on Panera.

As part of Panera’s POS Technology they incorporated self-ordering kiosks and they have been one its biggest successes. This is evident in that McDonalds has also taken initiative recently to integrate kiosks into its ordering options at some of its restaurants.

“Through the kiosks, Panera can give diners access to their past orders, and they allow for a certain level of personalization, which makes diners feel like Panera is getting to know them, Berinato said.”

Panera has been one of the first to make this big transition into POS Technology and many restaurants are looking to follow suite.

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