Panera’s POS Technology

Panera Bread has reinvented itself and what it means to eat at one of their restaurants. Panera has done this by releasing and incorporating new technology to help its restaurants run smoother. Panera’s new POS technology allowed Panera to really change the customer experience by shaping the customer experience around […]

Target Same Day POS Delivery

Target is rapidly expanding and innovating its services in an effort to keep up with its competitors Walmart and Amazon. Target has therefore decided to use the internet in its favor in order to speed up its orders and offer online ordering to its customers who didn’t have time to […]

Aldi’s POS Online & Delivery Service

The up and coming German grocer Aldi US is introducing Home Delivery Service. For this Aldi is partnering with the well-known Delivery Service Instacart. Aldi is also expanding its online grocery ordering service to places like Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Illinois. Grocery orders are delivered sometimes within just an hour […]

Swirlz’s Frozen Yogurt POS

Swirlz is a soft serve parlor shop in California that sells frozen yogurt and has a juice bar. Swirlz was looking for a frozen yogurt POS system when it finally decided to go with Sintel System’s frozen yogurt POS solution. Sintel System is a direct and single source provider that […]

Installing Tablet POS System

Sintel System offers the Tablet POS System for any businesses interested in changing or purchasing a new POS System. And for our customers who have already received their Tablet POS, also known as the Model TI all-in-one POS System, the process of setting it up is quite easy and can […]

Sintel System’s CAS CL 5000

There are many label printing scales out there when shopping for the one to best fit the needs of any business. Things however get less complicated and much simpler for anyone who comes to Sintel System’s website in search of the scale that’s right for your business. Sintel Systems is […]

Sintel’s Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

Frozen yogurt shops rely heavily on their integrated scale function for better and more efficient delivery of service to their valued customers. For this reason it is important to know that Sintel System is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to be the first to offer a […]