Sintel’s Frozen Yogurt Kiosk

Frozen yogurt shops rely heavily on their integrated scale function for better and more efficient delivery of service to their valued customers. For this reason it is important to know that Sintel System is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to be the first to offer a Yogurt Kiosk POS solution with an integrated scale. This Yogurt Kiosk is perfect for businesses such as bakeries, frozen yogurt, coffee shop industries and more who rely on an integrated scale in order to sell by weight.

Our Yogurt Kiosk can be used on a countertop and can be integrated with a scale so it can easily and quickly be modified and styled into a Frozen Yogurt POS terminal system.

Sintel-System-Frozen-Yogurt Kiosk-With-Integrated-ScaleFor anyone looking to purchase a new POS, look to Sintel System who offers the best Frozen Yogurt POS solution. Sintel System’s integrated scale software system can help your business run better because it will automatically read the item’s weight once placed on the scale. This reduces the chance of having an employee make an error and deliberate shrinkage will also be avoided. Without having the need to input anything, seeing as the POS does it automatically, shops will be able to process more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Sintel System’s Frozen Yogurt Kiosk will allow for any business to stay ahead of the game seeing as it also provides customers with a much more interactive and unique experience. This Yogurt Kiosk will be one more thing customers will remember your business by.

Sintel Systems also offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.

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