2015 NRA Show Recap

NRA show recap article @ Sintel SystemsAnnually, the National Restaurant Association host a show in Chicago’s McCormick Place exhibiting the newest trends, tips and tools of the restaurant industry. Throngs of business owners flock the show ground to uncover the next in the restaurant industry.

Trends, such as conscious alternatives to food and packaging, were a prevalent topic.

The 2015 show illustrated modern possibilities for the future of the restaurant industry. Technology has played a bigger role over the years and it was no different this year.

Tech announcements included the latest in point of sale software/systems, Mobile POS solutions (mPOS), and even the use of 3D printing. Products and services are aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity for business owners. Of course the occasional quirky innovative experiment, like printing intricate confections for a bakery.

Panels discussed material on building noteworthy brands and models, which directed business owners to success.

Sustainability has been a major component of the route the restaurant industry has taken. Whether it is sourcing, recycling, eliminating genetically modified ingredients or conscious packaging it has become the norm. The conference was  very informative for owners looking to become greener.

“Enlightened” eating options driven  by higher educated and paid consumers has created a large market sector. Ranging from gluten free diets or ethical eating many consumers demand healthier options.

Even major quick service chains have felt the pressure.

NRA Show 2015 aims defining a new American Dream for restauranteurs. Although it is an increasingly competitive industry, restaurant leaders can achieve success and provide similar paths for others.

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