Aldi Grocery Market Continues Expansion

Aldi is a new privately owned Grocery Market company originating from Germany who has a growth plan to expand its stores all across the US. For their customer’s convenience and as a way to stay close to the competition, Aldi is trying to set up its shops near its competitors’ locations because they realize that people shop at more than one store.

According to the article “Grocer Aldi targets nearby rivals in its bid to boost its US footprint,” Aldi by the year 2022 hopes to be “the third largest U.S. grocer by store count with 2,500 locations, behind Walmart and Kroger.”

Their plan to expand also lies in their strategy that “Adding stores is an easier way for a retailer to grow sales than to increase sales at existing stores…” Aldi’s goal is to provide its customers with high quality products at low prices all under an easy and convenient shopping environment. Aldi is making the customers’ shopping environment simple by designing their stores to be significantly smaller than the average supermarket. This entails making Aldi stores with only five aisles and cutting down on the product varieties and different brands available on their shelfs.

However a lot of the products Aldi sells also happen to be private label brands and not everyone feels at ease buying food that doesn’t have a national brand. Aldi is also focusing on organic and gluten-free food options because it’s aware that these sorts of products are growing in popularity especially among the younger generation.

Aldi is looking to compete with some of the fore runners in the Grocery Market industry such as Amazon and Kroger. “Aldi U.S. is just beginning to explore grocery delivery through a partnership with Instacart in four cities.” Aldi Grocery Market is looking to expand the options available to its customers by looking to invest in online ordering and delivery even when its backbone lies in its physical locations.

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