Swirlz’s Frozen Yogurt POS

Swirlz is a soft serve parlor shop in California that sells frozen yogurt and has a juice bar. Swirlz was looking for a frozen yogurt POS system when it finally decided to go with Sintel System’s frozen yogurt POS solution.

Swirlz-Frozen-yogurt POS-Sintel-Blog

Sintel System is a direct and single source provider that helps businesses with new POS systems. Its frozen yogurt POS package comes with everything it needs to function smoothly and properly. It also comes with a gift and loyalty card network with mobile appprivate cloud services, embedded merchant account services, and unlimited technical support.

However what Swirlz was really interested in was a scale that fit the store’s needs when it was searching for a frozen yogurt POS system. Sintel System’s integrated scale was what won Swirls over.

A lot of the other POS system companies offered scales, but employees would have to key in the weight displayed on the screen manually. This means it would take up more time to ring up a customer and it would increase the likeness of errors being made.

Sintel System’s integrated scale software system on the other hand can an help businesses run better because it automatically read the item’s weight once placed on the scale. This reduces the chance of having an employee make an error and deliberate shrinkage will also be avoided. Without having the need to input anything, seeing as the POS does it automatically, shops will be able to process more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Swirlz also sells fixed priced items like sodas and other bagged snacks but their prices have already been inserted into the POS systems’ menu and software. Swirlz’s menu already came preconfigured so associates don’t have to worry about doing it themselves.

To learn more about how Sintel Systems can help improve your business your it helped Swirlz, contact us today.