Amazon Prime Drops in Price

amazon-primeAmazon Prime, which usually costs $99 dollars for an annual subscription, is on sale for $67 dollars in honor  of the five Emmy Awards their original series “Transparent” received.

Longstanding members were angered by the one day because it only extends to new subscriptions. One user posted a disgruntled comment on an Amazon forum stating he will not be renewing his membership being it was unfair loyal customers were not offered the $67 membership and will continue to pay the regular fee.

He continued by saying, “Who do you think is watching these shows now ? New members? No . . .Who is getting the high ratings for Amazon for these shows? New members? No. Apparently those of us who have been Prime members since the inception don’t matter anymore.”

Amazon had previously offered a one day sale in January when transparent had won two Golden Globes.

Sintel System Retail POS SoftwareAward shows have brought a lot of recognition for Amazon Prime. Compared to the previous year where Amazon Prime boasted 30 to 40 million subscribers, analysis estimate there are 50 million users in the U.S.

Friday, September 25 is the only day Prime membership will be $67 dollars! Be sure to read the fine print. Once prime is up for renewal the user will have to pay the regular price.

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