An IPASS for Drive-Throughs

drive-thruRecently, a new technology has been unveiled that will enable customers at fast food restaurants to pay through an electronic tag on their car windshield much like the IPass.

The magazine Business Solutions, recently published an article in their September issue titled, “Solutions Provider Lands RFID/Payment Processing Project”.  One of the major benefits of this technology is that it will be able obtain customer information through an electronic tag that will greatly improve the customer experience.

One of the leaders in this space talks about some of the other advantages of this technology such as reducing the drive-through transaction time, and allowing merchants to greet and recognize customer orders.

For the application to work properly it will have to be integrated with the businesses Point of Sale System and a middle-ware payment verification system.

Restaurant technology is constantly evolving and having a POS system can help you stay on the cutting edge unlike an ordinary cash register. A Point of Sale system can help manage your back office with such things as inventory tracking, employee timekeeping and payroll. Additionally, the entire POS system can be managed using remote access which can be an incredibly useful benefit if you own many franchises.

At Sintel Systems, we offer not only a Fast Food POS but a Quick Service POS system as well. With our integrated credit card processing and merchant accounts there is no need to look anywhere else. Not only are you saving time and money but you are also reducing the chance of errors and gaining better up-to-date accurate reports. Allowing you full financial visibility.

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