Apple Point of Sale A Tech “No”

itsyourturnad copyApple, renowned for tech that “just works,” hit a rough patch recently when its point of sale systems repeatedly went down in stores around the country.

In an article entitled “Apple Point of Sale Goes Down Again,” gives an overview of Apple’s point of sale (POS) woes based upon its sources and corroborated by tweets on Twitter.

Here are some of the salient points of the November 14th Apple Store POS outages:

-TechCrunch reports that the Apple Store POS system uses “a combination of software including the RetailMe app and EasyPay apps.” It runs on iPads and iPod touches that are “outfitted with battery cases and card readers and are used as mobile checkout devices.”

– Apple’s POS had repeated outages which “lasted several hours” the morning of November 14, with ongoing outages through the evening in some of the company’s stores.

– Apple Store employees were seen selling to customers with pad, pen and old-fashioned credit card machines.

– “Obviously, this is fairly terrible timing, as Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display just launched Tuesday, and it’s only been a couple of weeks since the iPad Air launch,” TechCrunch writes. “Apple Stores are busy with people buying these devices, and the outages are making it difficult to maintain the normal speed of service.”

– Outages hampered personal pickup of online orders for the iPad Mini.

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