Bakery POS Software Features

Sintel System Bakery POS Software

Striving to maintain a successful bakery can be exhausting. Sintel System’s Bakery Point of Sale Software is the perfect organizational tool to execute your business. In recent years trends like ornate cake designs and cupcake bakeries have been on the rise; consequently bake shops are expanding to meet higher demands by consumers. Our Bakery POS software has adapted to meet these obligations. From simply ringing up a customer who came for a tasty little treat or catering pastries and cakes for a big party, we have provided a software in which all this can be carried out entirely from your system. A program that saves time and energy that can better be allocated on creating and perfecting your delicious baked good.

Bakery POS Software
Powerful Menu Tool
Integrated Scale for Weighted Desserts/Purchases 
Custom Cake Orders (with deposits) 
Large Event and Catering Orders with Delivery Option
Easy-to-set-up Menu Modifiers 
Customizable Quick Serve Mode 
Discounts and Specials Easily Added
Multiple Stations
Multi-Sore/Multi-Location Back Office Expansion
Payment Processing Integration
NTEP Certified 
Auto/Manual Database Backup
Restore Function
Customer Tracking
Customer Loyalty and Point Program 
Gift Cards
Customer Information
Transaction History
Real Time Customer Management
Real-time Inventory Tracking
Password Protection
Multiple Security Levels 
Clock In/Clock Out 
Back Office Software
Daily Sales Reports 
Physical Inventory
Reprint Receipts
Report Customization
By Range of Dates
Export to File (Excel)
Output to Printer, File, Screen

POS-Bakery-Point-of-Sale-SoftwareSintel Systems is the only direct to end user full-service for Bakery POS. They also provide tailored Point of Sale systems across retail, restaurant and service industries, including, pizzeriassushi restaurants, and frozen yogurt shops.

As a single source for business solutions, our experienced, knowledgeable team negotiates the complex POS landscape for you to enable you to find the right POS system for your business and budget. Hardware – Software – Support

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