Chipotle Goes GMO Free

G-M-Over itOn April 27, Chipotle Mexican Grill (Quick Service Restaurant, formerly owned by McDonalds) announced it was going to begin offering consumers “real food,” sending the internet into a frenzy. Twitter fans took to trending #antiscience, in reference to the chains declaration.

Founded on the idea of serving “food with integrity,” Chipotle is removing all Genetically Modified Organisms from its menu. Approximately 1,800 locations will switch to non GMO ingredients.

GMO’s are widely opposed for their unknown long term health effects. Whether you oppose the use of genetically modified items or not, Chipotle made a smart business move.

Chipotle identifies three reason for the removal:

1. Unknown long term implications of GMOs

2. Farming GMO is harmful to the environment

3. Consumers need one non GMO eatery

Americans have taken up a health conscious attitude and are more likely inclined to digress from GMOs. This shift has created an untapped market, which Chipotle was smart enough to meet demand. Thereby increasing the Mexican Grill’s revenue.

Problems, noted by the company, are the fact that approximately 90% of soy and corn crops grown in the United States are genetically modified. This proses a complication for the chain.

Most products, from soda and soft drinks to chicken or animal feed, contain GMOs. Nearly 80% of processed foods are genetically modified; therefore, escaping GMO products is difficult.

Countless countries have banned the use of GMO, thus creating a huge market for non genetically modified foods. Lopsided percentages, have little effect on the extensive market.

A growing demand in the states has also caused farmers to switch to non GMO Restaurant Boxseeds.

Health conscious trends have spurred other brands to rethink many of their products. PepsiCo, for example, recently removed aspartame from their diet Pepsi ingredients.

Chipotle is the first big chain to stop GMO use, which some claim to be a very smart decision on the chains part. Eliminating GMOs might be the stage for many companies looking to raise revenue.

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