Chipotle Is Adding POS Drive-Thrus and Mobile App

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a casual fast food restaurant who’s huge on burritos, for a long time has been trying to turn its sales around. But the company might have just come across what’ll do the trick in helping them boost their sales: POS Drive-Thrus.

Chipotle has started adding POS drive-thrus to some of its restaurant locations. Chipotle’s drive-thrus are different from other fast food restaurants’ with respect to how customer’s order. These drive-thrus don’t have POS kiosks or ordering windows. Instead customers must order ahead of time using the Chipotle mobile app or online. Chipotle drive-thru locations also come with a “second line” to accommodate for the orders that are coming in as online and/or mobile orders.

Chipotle is also heavily investing in figuring out how well the POS drive-thrus, to-go, and delivery service options will fare when applied to their food service. It’s a very innovative concept which Chipotle is still testing out, but one that could be very successful in bringing them back business.

Mobile and online ordering are a huge leap forward for Chipotle. And while Chipotle has opted to push the POS drive-thrus option, kiosks (both at the drive-thrus and inside the stores) would have also been another good technological advancement they could have acquired seeing as how it’s a very new and captivating way that other major fast food restaurant chains (McDonald’s, Panera, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a) have already benefited from.

So for fast food restaurants like Chipotle and many others looking to grow their sales, Sintel Systems, a Point of Sales technology company, offers the newest in self-service kiosks and online ordering POS systems to a wide array of businesses. Sintel Systems’ POS package also includes online ordering and the creation of a mobile app.

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Sintel Systems has also just recently released their new-generation POS kiosk system. Their kiosk system’s most notable feature is it’s built in EMV reader. Before, Sintel System’s kiosks had the EMV right outside, front and center, but now the reader has been placed right inside for a sleeker look. Sintel System’s new kiosk also includes a built in printer and a 2D scanner.

And as part of Sintel System’s Kiosk POS and/ or Fast Food & QRS POS systems, our customers get a gift and loyalty card network with mobile appprivate cloud services, embedded merchant account services, and unlimited technical support. Sintel Systems Direct-to-POS Online Ordering allows orders placed online to appear on the POS system as soon as they are placed.

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