Daily Archives: Wednesday August 1st, 2018

POS System Power Requirements

ELECTRICAL & POWER REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR SINTEL POS SYSTEM For businesses that already own a Sintel System POS System, it must be kept in mind that it requires the use of a battery pack UPS (uninterrupted power supply). A battery back UPS is necessary “for reliable power management and to […]

Sintel POS System at Art’s Bakery

Art’s Bakery makes a lot of beautiful, savory treats and is locally located in Glendale, CA. Art’s Bakery opened in 1987 after its founder, Angela, came from Armenia and brought her recipes along with her to this new country. This bakery has been working hard through the years and continues […]

Loyalty Program

As part of Sintel’s  Point of Sale system packages, it offer customers a gift and loyalty card network with mobile app, private cloud services, embedded merchant account services, and unlimited technical support. It’s important to understand what most of those things that are included are. For this reason an overview of what a […]

Wendy’s online and mobile ordering

The burger chain, Wendy’s is seeking to acquire the 3 pieces which the company is confident will be detrimental in setting it on its way to digital evolution and success. Wendy’s states that these 3 things are: expanding its delivery service, online and mobile ordering, and self-order kiosks. Since the […]

Online Ordering Changing Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza sells pizzas but it has made the transition from being a fast food restaurant chain to becoming a technology company. Domino’s isn’t an obvious tech company but recently this pizza company has gotten especially good at developing technology, especially when it comes to mobile and online ordering, to […]