Contest Has Froyo Fans and Expert Judges Picking Best New “Flavorites”

Competition is heating up the frozen yogurt world with a joint announcement by the International Frozen Yogurt Association (IFYA) and regarding the Creative Froyo Flavor Awards.

We spotted the press release for the contest on titled “IFYA and Launch Contest to Find Best Creative Frozen Yogurt Flavors.”

Designed to recognize and promote frozen yogurt shops that produce their own unique, creative flavors, the contest will judge each flavor on its originality, uniqueness and appeal.

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The contest allows two entries from each U.S. frozen yogurt store. Rules state, “The frozen yogurt shop must provide proof that the unique frozen yogurt flavor exists and that they sold it at their shop.”

Flavor entries will be accepted on the IFYA’s Facebook page from 6 a.m. PST on June 2, 2014 until midnight PST on June 23, 2014.

Eligible entries will to be reviewed by an expert panel from the IFYA, and Nanci’s Frozen Yogurt to determine the top 5 frozen yogurt flavors. The top five will be posted on Facebook where fans may vote on their favorite flavor over a voting period from July 1-16, 2014.

First and second place winners will be awarded with prize packages of frozen yogurt supplies (cups, spoons and lids) from valued at approximately $400 and $200, respectively.

IFYA President Susan Linton said, “The IFYA was created to help promote the frozen yogurt industry and to recognize frozen yogurt excellence. This contest was created with those goals in mind. Even the smallest frozen yogurt shop can create its own frozen yogurt flavors. We’d like to recognize and reward frozen yogurt shops that make that extra effort. The search for the most creative and appealing frozen yogurt flavor contest will inspire frozen yogurt shops to create new flavors and get the public excited about new frozen yogurt flavors.” President & CEO Tim Porter said, “There are so many hardworking small business entrepreneurs with dreams of owning a froyo store.  Our company exists to help make that dream a reality.  There are so many challenges to running a successful business that sometimes we don’t step back and look at what we have created. This is your chance, your opportunity to show the rest of the frozen yogurt industry why you do what you do and what you have created.  We are excited to be in this adventure with you.”

Read the full Creative Froyo Flavor Awards press release here.

The IFYA, whose members include both current and prospective frozen yogurt store operators, sets and promotes standards to elevate the quality of frozen yogurt stores and recognizes those that meet the Swirl of Honor™ standards of the industry. Visit the IFYA’s website here.

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