Customer Retaliation Alert: My Dish Was Served Cold, As Was My Revenge

angrycustomersCall it Reta(i)liation. Five9, the Cloud contact center provider, recently released an infographic on what companies can do to prevent “customer rage.” We came across a blog post discussing the infographic at Retailers may want to sit down before considering the following findings:

– 85 percent of all consumers say that, if their customer service needs are not met, they will retaliate against the company.

– 49 percent of all consumers state they will stop doing business with a company.

– 18-34 year-old customers are 3X more likely to retaliate on social media.

“‘The customer is always right’ is a pillar of American commerce,” writes VentureBeat. “In a competitive business market, keeping customers happy is critical for retaining their business, promoting your brand, and keeping an edge on rivals.”

The blog post points to how the internet may be seen as both changing customer expectations and “creating new ways to connect with customers and deliver help.”

The Five9 infographic is extensive, but here are some of the salient points made in the VentureBeat post:

– Customer service expectations are growing ever higher. Instant gratification is becoming the norm in our “always-on world.”

– A recent Five9 survey found that 70 percent of consumers will first call a company for help. The number of calls Americans make annually to customer service centers is a staggering 43 billion.

– Things known to put customers into retaliation mode include, “… speaking with a rude or incompetent customer service representative, not reaching a live person when they call for support, getting disconnected, and being put on hold.”

– Known techniques for calming customer rage include being patient and friendly, treating customers with respect and being knowledgeable about products.

– VentureBeat writes, “Software-as-a-service is playing a significant role in reshaping customer service efforts and giving businesses with an online presence the tools they need to respond to their customers.” Five9 mentions several online customer service providers: ZenDesk, Freshdesk, Kalibrr, Olark and Salesforce’s

“People may first look at FAQs or troubleshooting pages when they have a complaint or question, but the desire to express your grievance to an actual human being right away and get actual help may never go away,” VentureBeat writes. They conclude, “Good customer service isn’t about automating and digitizing the entire process, but rather about connecting customers with real humans in an efficient and effective way.”

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Read the full post, entitled “85% Of Consumers Will Retaliate Against A Company With Bad Customer Service,” here.

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