Elon Musk’s Brother Prompts Food Revolution

The Kitchen Community in Point of Sale articleBoth Musk’s boys have made it their life mission to take the world by storm. Elon Musk, founder of tech giants like Paypal (sold to eBay), Tesla, and SpaceX, is better known for his renowned technological advancements but his younger brother has chosen a different route.

Kimbal started alongside Elon Musk in Silicon Valley. Before leaving Kimbal was notable for founding and heading several companies like Paypal, Everdream, Zip2, SolarCity, OneRiot, and continues to work on the board of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

After a series of unfortunate events Kimbal decided to dedicate his life to a culinary career.

In 2002 Musk moved to Boulder, Colorado, accompanying Jen Lewin. With the objective to open a restaurant, they stumbled upon Hugo Matheson. After some small talk brought on by their accents, Matheson casually invited Lewin and Musk over for an “unforgettable” evening. Kimbal now refers to the dinner Matheson prepared as “one of the best-tasting and most relaxing meals of my life.”

A couple years later, that evening the founders shared would become the philosophy behind The Kitchen. Coupled with growing health conscious trends and community, Kimbal and his team decided to be the front runners for a new movement.

So on March 16, 2004, Musk, Lewin, and Matheson opened their first location in downtown Boulder. Since, the restaurant has evolved into a chain of pubs, bistros, and cocktail lounges. All locations aim to support local farmers, ranchers, and curators. Their mission is to promote sustainability including incorporating composting, eco-friendly packaging, recycling, wind power into their operations.

After years of supporting the Boulder”s Growe Foundation. Musk and Matheson decided to cultivate their own foundation for the improvement of communities across the nation. So in 2011 both founders initiated The Kitchen Community.

Each restaurant donated a portion of proceeds to their local community. The foundation focuses on teaching children the values of real food. The Kitchen Community works with school districts to construct Learning Gardens, where children can plant, learn, and source their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Musk has been working very closely with underpriveled school districts such as Los Angeles Unified School District and Denver Public Schools. The Kitchen Community Learning Gardens total 238 in 4 states.

Their biggest project is scheduled for Memphis, TN, which happens to be the most over weight city in America.

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