Facebook Strategies Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

Facebook Strategies Every Restaurant Owner Must Know

In navigating the tricky waters of the ever-evolving Facebook landscape, many businesses struggle to keep up, maximize their potential, practice good netiquette and avoid common pitfalls.

Social Media Today has some handy hints from Jim Belosic for making the most of your Facebook strategy, including avoiding these 7 ways to fail. Turning these into action steps, his advice:

  • Keep up with changes in Facebook’s rules
  • Answer questions and messages from your fans and followers — quickly
  • Post consistently and follow the 70-20-10 rule (70% relevant to your fans; 20% shared information from other parties; 10% promotional)
  • Declutter URLs in status updates
  • Include a visual with every post
  • Use the free apps offered to make your page more engaging
  • Make your page stand out with custom apps (here are ten that will improve your social media presence)


Elsewhere, Social Media Today suggests:

Five post types to attract fans to your Facebook page: funny, engaging, controversial, vital and authoritative.

Five quick tips for engaging Facebook fans: be cool, forget the text — go visual; pad the deck; make your fans interesting by association; don’t be a vacuum salesman.

Four ways to prepare a Facebook content plan for 2013: share branded content; leverage on emotions; passionate storytelling; think mobile.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use Facebook for your restaurant; ten ways Facebook can benefit your restaurant; and some tips on why Facebook marketing matters for restaurants here and here.

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