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iStock_000026226158SmallSuccess in franchising spreads to many others when one considers the key roles played by suppliers, and professional advisors.

In a recent post, Hugh Duffy, Chief Marketing Officer for Build Your Firm, a marketing firm dedicated to the accounting industry, writes about Navjeet Chahal who started Chahal & Associates in 2003.

Chahal has managed to share in the success of franchising by focusing his niche firm on serving clients with household names such as 7-Eleven, Maaco, Best Western and Subway.

Just as we happily share our vast point of sale experience and expertise with startup owners in order to help them make the best decisions from the very beginning, we at Sintel Systems are happy to share articles and commentary about franchising — a major area of our point of sale (POS) expertise.

Here are the highlights of Duffy’s post, “How a Niche Focus on Franchise Accounting Helped a Firm Thrive”:

• Chahal & Associates has grown 20 percent each year since forming in 2003. The boutique accounting firm provides accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax planning services for hotel, restaurant, retail and automotive franchises.

• Navjeet Chahal has also created and uses search engine optimization to maximize the website’s appeal to franchise owners.

• “No two franchises are alike, so rather than offering a cookie-cutter approach, we tailor our accounting services to each client’s needs,” Chahal tells Duffy. “For example, some outsource all their accounting and bookkeeping tasks to us, but if they prefer to keep some functions in-house, we can set up their QuickBooks software and provide on-site training.”

• The accounting firm’s franchise clients include owners of restaurants, gas stations, hotels and auto repair shops, but Chahal’s goal remains the same: proffering financial insight and advice to realize higher profits.

• “We’re so confident in what we do that we offer a package of services for a flat monthly rate with a 90-day money back guarantee,” says Chahal. “We also back up our work with exceptional customer service, answering calls on the first ring and responding to emails that same day. We want our clients to know how grateful we are to have them, how much we value their time, and also how much we believe in our firm and its execution.”

• In an effort to foster growth and build a client base beyond referrals, Chahal began using in 2014. In just 10 months, Chahal & Associates acquired more than 40 reviews. (Yelp has filtered some of the reviews out, but the firm currently has 16 live reviews on the

• Chahal believes Yelp is great for spreading the word out about his business, but it also helps his clients’ business. He tells Duffy that he writes two to four reviews each week, helping give his clients successful evaluations.

• “Before we started using Yelp, we would get a lot of emails and letters thanking us for our service – and I thought to myself that it would be great if the public knew more about how pleased our customers were with us, ” Chahal tells Duffy. “So, we simply asked them to share their information on Yelp so that other people could see what kind of work we do. Since then, clients have been great in continuing to add reviews, and as a result, we are getting more clients from Yelp that are a good fit with our firm and its services. ”

• “Navjeet Chahal’s pay-it-forward thinking carries over to why he loves what he does,” Duffy writes. “He says that he just wants to see that his services truly impact his clients, and give them joy and success in their lives.”

• Duffy concludes his post with a final quote from Navjeet Chahal, “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the clients’ succeed and grow their businesses. We love hearing feedback about how our services make their lives easy and give them information to make better decisions. One of these stories came with a restaurant franchise that started from scratch a few years ago having financed their company with credit cards. Today, they have 6+ locations and more than 400 employees. We are so excited for them, and glad our services helped them realize their dreams.”

Read Hugh Duffy’s full post here.

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