Franchisees Have It. Got It?

ItsyourturnIn one of our recent posts, “NYC To Host International Franchise Expo (IFC),” we recommended the June, 2014 event as an excellent way forward into the world of franchising. 

Recently we noticed a short video, made at the IFC, in a post on, “Would You Make A Good Franchisee?” Because franchisees are a unique breed of entrepreneur, the three-minute clip is something everyone aspiring to franchise should see.

Just as we happily share our vast point of sale experience and expertise with startup owners in order to help them make the best decisions from the very beginning, we at Sintel Systems are happy to share articles and commentary about the perceptions and reality of the risks involved in making this career change.

In setting up the video, Geoff Weiss, writing for states, “While cultivating a successful chain requires dynamism and perseverance, it is also necessary to respect the stated boundaries of the business model at hand.”

“Not all of us are wired to be franchisees,” says Terry Powell, CFE of The Entrepreneur’s Source, a business coaching company. “Franchises have guardrails that you operate within.”

In addition to selecting a company that speaks to a particular passion or interest, says Fastsigns CEO Catherine Monson, it’s wise to limit your search to franchisors with “a significant number of locations.”

Visiting the floor of the IFC, Weiss states,  “When the owners are able to tap into a fitting business model and leverage it into a multi-unit operation – which is the case for 52 percent of franchise operators in the U.S., says Powell – the results can be as gratifying as they are lucrative.”

David Ragosa, founder of his nascent New Jersey chain Kono Pizza, says that the good days ultimately outweigh the bad. “I don’t care if you own one store or you’re a multi-unit franchise who owns twenty, thirty stores,” he says. “Owning your business is the American Dream.” 

Read the full post here.

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