Fro-Yo Chain’s “Great Divide” Multiplies Sales

OrangeLeafDividers-72dpiLouis Sullivan, the great American architect, coined his famous dictum, “Form ever follows function” — although across time, the word “ever” was dropped.

Although Sullivan likely never ate frozen yogurt, the spirit of his phrase lives on in frozen yogurt entrepreneurial ingenuity. Take, for example, the recent story published on the Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) website, “Fro-Yo Chain Looks to Divide and Conquer.”

In their post, NRN finds Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt offering 3-zone cup dividers to its customers who prefer not to let their frozen yogurt flavors and toppings mix together. NRN writes, “In the increasingly competitive frozen-yogurt category, at least one player is looking to divide and conquer.”

The divider, designed to fit inside the company’s 16-oz. cup, allows customers to fill 2 or 3 sections and thus preserve their hand-selected flavor combinations.

“Most of our customers prefer to get more than one flavor of fro-yo in their cup,” NRN quotes from a statement by Karley Hofer, Orange Leaf’s Director of Brand Development. “While some like to swirl or mix several flavors and toppings together, others prefer their fro-yo flavors neatly separated so that they can enjoy each distinct taste or custom build their flavor combination as they go.”

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Read the full Nation’s Restaurant News post here.

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