Frozen Yogurt POS Outage

Every once in a while a restaurant or business will experience a temporary loss of power due to various reasons such as bad weather. It’s essential to understand that if a POS (Point of Sale) system is not working, the most common reason for this is an extended power outage. An extended power outage can make a POS system inoperable, because of this it of the utmost importance to be prepared.

An extended power outage for example, at a frozen yogurt shop, can likely affect the store’s Frozen Yogurt POS system. All Frozen Yogurt POS systems have an integrated scale because frozen yogurt shops need them in order to sell-by-weight. An integrated scale is actually one of the most noteworthy feature and function that frozen yogurt shops look for in any Frozen Yogurt POS system. If the scale and POS system aren’t working then it seems disaster and chaos are inevitable unless tech support is immediately there to provide a solution and assistance. For this reason it is key to have a plan, in case this ever happens.


The first suggestion that can be made is to find a temporary solution until the Frozen Yogurt POS system can get back up and running. This could mean putting up a sign in front of the Frozen Yogurt POS that says its Happy Hour so every cup is priced at a solid $5. Customers will see this as a deal, a fixed, solid price means the problem of having to give back change can be slightly averted, and on top of this the store won’t lose money. This is a much more executable solution because any frozen yogurt store’s goal at such a time should be to avoid having to give frozen yogurt away for free.

For any businesses in the frozen yogurt industry looking for a new POS, look to Sintel System who offers the best Frozen Yogurt POS solution. This system includes a Model 5i POS Terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, and integrated scale system. Sintel System’s integrated scale software system can help your business run better because it will automatically read the item’s weight once placed on the scale. This reduces the chance of having an employee make an error and deliberate shrinkage will also be avoided. Without having the need to input anything, seeing as the POS does it automatically, shops will be able to process more customers in a shorter amount of time.

Sintel Systems is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to the bakery, frozen yogurt, coffee shop industries and more. Sintel Systems offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.

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