Self-checkout kiosks at Alberton’s & Ralph’s

The supermarket chain in Southern CA known as Albertsons is going against the modern Self-checkout kiosks trend. Instead it has decided to eliminate self-checkout terminals at most of its stores in order to boost the experience, attention, and service customers receive when checking out.

Self-checkout kiosks have expanded to be a service provided by many well-known retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Ralphs. These self-service stations have much to provide for any business wanting to cut lines and cut labor costs. Stores are therefore moving to provide more self-checkout kiosks because of the ease of transaction and convenience they provide at being at customers’ immediate disposal. Customers approve and want this service as well.

More and more customers want the self-checkout service, so it’s a little risky when such a big supermarket chain like Albertsons makes the conscious decision to not provide a service customers are so accustomed to having nowadays. It’s important to listen to what customers want to see at the stores they shop at.

“At Ralphs, 150 of the chain’s 194 stores in Southern California have self-checkout,” states to the Los Angeles Daily News article “Albertsons getting rid of most self-checkout lanes at Southern California stores” by Nancy Luna. This shows that almost all of Ralph’s stores offer the self-serving kiosk option.

Self-checkout kiosks-RalphsIn her article Luna continues to explain that “…self-service is growing beyond supermarkets as time-strapped consumers demand more convenience. Reduced labor costs, as one employee is typically assigned to multiple self-service registers, is another corporate incentive.” What’s more is that self-service kiosks don’t stop their expansion there because “Home improvement stores, movie theaters, airlines and the hospitality industry have also embraced self-serve technology. Some McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California have experimented with self-ordering kiosks.”

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