Health Groups Place Pressure on Restaurants Over Antibiotic Use

Consumers and health groups have urged restaurants to make the switch to antibiotic free meats amid health concerns.

Antibiotic use in the production of poultry and other meats have created antibitotic resistant bacteria.

Groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, Consumer Reports publisher, Consumers Union, and various other groups claim the restaurant industry is not doing enough to reduce the use.

Clearly, the issue has become  a major health threat when treating human illnesses.

According to a report release by groups, “Most top U.S. chains restaurants … have so far failed to effectively respond to this growing public health threat by publicly adopting policies Sintel System Restaurant POS Softwarerestricting routine antibiotic use by their meat suppliers.”

A group of 100+ health and environmental groups sent letters to the CEO of top chains urging them to change the supply chain.

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