Here’s a Home Franchise Concept: Veteran Franchisees

franchiseIt is encouraging to see a strengthening of the bonds between franchising and our military veterans.

Since its launch last year, home services company Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) has signed twenty veterans to become franchisees through the Million Dollar Franchise Event (MDFE) initiative.

We found news of the program in a recent post on the Daily Herald website, “Local Veteran Buys Franchise Through Nationwide Military Support Program.”

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“The program aims to provide $1 million in discounts to U.S. veterans and military service men and women interested in pursuing one of the company’s franchise brands, Budget Blinds and Tailored Living,” writes the “To date, it has provided about $745,000 in discounts, according to Chad Hallock, founder and CEO of Home Franchise Concepts.”

“I’m so proud and impressed by them,” Hallock said of veterans, as quoted in the post. “We put the program together to show them they’re not forgotten.”

“MDFE helps veterans apply their acquired skills into the business world,” Hallock tells the Daily Herald. “Those who have signed on so far appreciate the support system of corporate but love the opportunity they have to own their own business.”

The first Tailored Living franchisee was veteran Kevin Griffin, who runs the custom home and garage organization solution provider along with his wife Maria, who does the books.

In addition to working for himself, Griffin says he was drawn to the company because of its support system. “Anything I need to know is in the manual or a phone call away,” he tells the Daily Herald. The post notes that franchisees have access to corporate mentors, as well as each other, for advice and support.

Griffin, a true blue handyman, with experience in electrical, plumbing and all things home remodeling, had owned his own business selling and installing large lock-key mailboxes in new housing developments. Now, with Tailored Living, Griffin helps clients get the most out of their space, whether it’s a closet, office, pantry, mudroom or garage.

“I believe I can fix anything in your house as long as it’s not your computer,” he tells the Daily Herald. For other veterans considering the program, Griffin said he expects they’ll get from it what they put into it.

“It’s definitely an up-and-coming business,” he says. “For someone who wants to work for themselves, it’s a great way to go.”

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