How To Keep Your Seasonal Business Going Year Round

How To Keep Your Seasonal Business Going Year Round 

In an earlier blog we gave you tips to help you franchise your pizzeria.

But what if you own a seasonal franchise or restaurant? A seasonal business may sound great to the owner who wants to manage their own business, and only have to work a few months out of the year.

There are many great seasonal restaurant and franchises, such as Halloween retailers, landscapers, and sometimes frozen yogurt or ice cream shops but what do they do when they want to extend to a year round service?

An article in suggests adding new, non seasonal services to your seasonal business.

The article uses KonaIce , a mobile shaved ice franchise started by Tony Lamb as one of their examples. Though the shaved ice demand is usually crippled from October to March, Lamb began partnering and fundraising with schools, sports teams and youth groups bringing his shaved ice to events. By partnering with his community, Lamb was able to expand his business and grew to 300 trucks in just four years.

Making the move from a seasonal business allows for employees and equipment to be used year round, thus creating a larger profit and better performances all around.

Some business owners may resist the change because a business franchise can be a moderately low-cost business where you only have to work a few months out of the year.

With spring just around the corner, maybe it is time to reevaluate your business?

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