Installing Tablet POS System

Sintel System offers the Tablet POS System for any businesses interested in changing or purchasing a new POS System. And for our customers who have already received their Tablet POS, also known as the Model TI all-in-one POS System, the process of setting it up is quite easy and can be done in a short amount of time. The system already arrives to our customers preconfigured, so from there it is really easy to set up in just a couple of minutes.

Tablet POS-Installation-Sintel-Blog

When our customers first receive their Tablet POS solution, they can see that it already comes with everything it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. The Tablet POS system includes printer paper, a barcode scanner on one side, and the card reader that accepts credit/debit cards and gift/loyalty cards on the other side.

Upon lifting the POS System in order to view the bottom , the connections for a cash drawer are visible, three USB connections, and an input for clients that need an integrated scale for their business. The integrated scale is an essential feature for frozen yogurt shops, candy stores, coffee shops and bakeries, all of who sell by weight.

The tablet, as the most important part of any Tablet POS, already comes “fully pre-configured.” This means once the few cables needed are in place and the POS System is turned on, logging into the software through the tablet should be possible. From there, viewing the menu which has been formatted with the products the business plans to sell, can also be seen.

It’s important to remember that all POS systems are “required to be connected to the appropriate battery backups or uninterrupted power supply system” in the event of a power outage. The battery backup will also help the POS System run longer if an outage were to occur. To learn more about Sintel System’s POS System’s power requirement please visit our blog article here which offers some tips and a video on all the information on battery backups needed to keep a POS Systems running.

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