Let’s Talk About Pizza

vegan_black_bean_pizza_recipeThe medical journal Pediatrics completed a study on the impact of pizza consumption in children across the country. Being released in their February issue, the study focuses on children ages 2 to 11 and teens ages 12 to 19. It has been found that pizza plays a prominent role in the overall diet of most children in the country, especially because it is available through multiple sources, including many schools that serve pizza daily.

According to the study, pizza should be included in childhood nutrition counseling so that efforts can be made to improve the nutritional content of pizzas consumed.

Rachel Beller, President and Founder of Beller Nutritional Institute, spoke on Good Morning America about the study, its findings, and pizza in general. She said that while pizza plays a major role in weight gain among children, it is mostly because we are consuming too much of the wrong ingredients.

“Pizza can be great if it is done right with the right ingredients,” Beller said. She suggests pizzas with thinner, whole grain crusts, lots of veggies, and all natural cheese. In addition, having sides like salads and veggie sticks is beneficial as well.

It cannot be ignored that pizza is a common food in many homes, especially when parents work late or the babysitter needs something quick to serve. Pizza is an easy, go-to meal. So how can we keep ourselves and our kids healthy without cutting out one of our favorite foods? Well, it’s important to find the pizza made with the right ingredients, just as Beller said. Restaurants should offer a variety of healthy toppings, including vegetables, lean meats, natural cheeses, and low-sodium sauce options.

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