Los Angeles Wage Hike Scheduled For Final Approval

LA minimum wage article @ Sintel SystemsEarlier this month L.A city council approved a draft increasing minimum wage to fifteen dollars by 2020. The measure was scheduled for final approval Friday.

The wage hike would phase the current $9 dollar minimum wage to 15 in the ensuing years.

Businesses with less than 25 employees were given an extra year to increase wage.

Prior to the approval many labor leaders urged last minute exemptions for unionized companies. Those in favor pushed for negotiating collective agreements that both satisfies the employee and company.

Thursday, City Council President announced he planned to put the exemption side for further notice and others plainly wanted the ordinance to move forward without any exemption.

Having worked for seven years to pass the ordinance many saw the play to be hypocritical and claimed everyone deserved equal pay.

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