Palm Springs to have New Tutti Frutti

Palm-Springs-Development-Underway-Tutti Frutti-Connection-blogThe Andaz Hotel located in Palm Springs is once again resuming its construction after the project came to a standstill back in 2016. Now the estimated date of opening is said to be as early as next year in 2019. The Andaz Hotel, a very luxurious hotel in the making, will include 150 guest rooms, 13 suites, banquet halls, a spa, a lounge on the rooftop, a pool, and two exquisite restaurants while the ground floor will be for retail stores. This project came hand in hand with the project and effort to redesign downtown Palm Canyon.

Palm Canyon’s project however was not delayed which has led to new restaurants and shops to already be open to the public or to be opening soon this year. Palm Canyon Drive is a street lined with all sorts of restaurants, shops, and some galleries. It will also be within walking distance of the in-progress Andaz Hotel. And one of the newly opened places happens to be the yogurt chain, Tutti Frutti.

Frozen-Yogurt-blog-article-Tutti Frutti-POS.jpg

Tutti Frutti is a well-known franchise that sells high quality, self-serve frozen yogurt. And this new Tutti Frutti, like many others at different locations, is sure to be busy and attract a lot of customers especially because of its given location at such an exciting attraction site that many have been waiting to visit.

Palm-Canyon-Dr-Tutti Frutti-FroYo-POS-SintelIts a good thing Tutti Frutti is partnered with Sintel System for their Point of Sale System in order to help Tutti Frutti give customers a smoother, more enjoyable, and unique experience. Tutti Frutti is outfitted with Sintel System’s Frozen Yogurt POS System. This system includes a Model 5i POS Terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, and integrated scale system. Tutti Frutti required a POS system that came with an integrated scale because they sell by weight.

Selling by weight requires that a product, such as frozen yogurt, to be placed on a scale, the weight is then displayed, and the calculated total price of the item by weight will be shown on the POS screen. Sintel System’s POS provided them with a system that had the fully integrate scale function Tutti Frutti had been after. Sintel System’s integrated scale software system can help your business run better because it will automatically read the item’s weight once placed on the scale. This reduces the chance of having an employee make an error and deliberate shrinkage will also be avoided. Without having the need to input anything, seeing as the POS does it automatically, shops will be able to process more customers in a shorter amount of time.

This means Tutti Frutti locations everywhere are prepared to serve their customers quickly and efficiently because they have the POS system with the functions they need. The Tutti Frutti in Palm Canyon Drive is most surely no exception as they eagerly await their new customers.

Businesses like Tutti Frutti are very pleased with their Sintel System’s Frozen Yogurt POS solution. So for businesses that are in the candy and frozen yogurt industry and that require a scale function to sell by weight, Sintel System can provide an excellent POS system.

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