POS Breach: Hilton Discloses Point of Sale Breach

Hilton Point of Sale Breach article at Sintel SystemsAnother string of companies have fallen victim to point of sale breaches, with the latest being American hotel chain, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.

Hilton acknowledged Tuesday its POS and payment processing systems had been targeted by malware on two different occasions. Customers who visited a Hilton hotel last year between November 18 through December 5 or April 21 and July 27 this year have been instructed to watch for suspicious activity on their credit/debit card statements.

The intrusive software may have stolen customers names, card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes.

Hilton Hotels immediately prompted a worldwide investigation of its 4,500 locations to evaluate the threat to POS systems.

The Hilton point of sale breach exposure comes days after Starwood Hotels reported a similar breach.

Starwood Hotels operates chains such as the Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels, and St. Regis. Only a “limited number” of North American hotels were affected, according to a statement released by Starwood.

Third-party analyst determined malware had been planted in restaurants, gift shops, and various POS systems throughout Starwood Hotels.

In October, Trump Hotel collections admitted a possible breach of consumer’s data. Prior Mandarin Hotels and White Lodging disclosed several locations had been infiltrated by hackers.

Card holders must remember they are not liable for fraudulent charges but it is their responsibly to monitor bank statements for suspicious activity.

Now hackers are moving from larger retailers and targeting POS systems of smaller businesses as well. Retailers must remember that the ultimate responsibility of maintaining their POS systems safe rests with the business owner and they can be held liable for any breaches.

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