POS (point of sale) enemy #1: Power Surges

What is the worst enemy of your Point of Sale system especially in restaurant, pizza, and frozen yogurt operations? It is the same idea that led Benjamin Franklin’s proverbial kite to catch lightening and allowed Thomas Edison to patent the carbon-thread incandescent lamp in 1879. Most of us think of lightening or a visually detectable change in electricity when we think of power surges.

SOLUTION: High Quality Battery Back UPS and Surge Protector.

Power Surges are the leading cause of damage to point of sale (POS) systems resulting is under performance and evnetual failure.  Surges in electricity are an APCBack-UPSPro1000BatteryBackupSystemeveryday occurrence specially in businesses with equipment requiring high amounts of power (refrigerators, compressors, etc.). Most places that experience surges in electrical power are certified and have passed inspection, but a power surge can occur regardless and are common in most electrical systems. Power surges are daily occurrence in restaurants and frozen yogurt locations because of the continuous usage of high-power equipment including frozen yogurt machines which require increased energy to turn on/off components like compressors. This switching action leads to demands for power which disrupts the stable flow of power in the electrical system. While these surges can be server enough to damages components within the system immediately, many times it is the gradual tear on the equipment that eventually leads to failure. The gradual wear and tear typically shows itself in under performance or slowing down of the system. A simple solution is a high quality batter back up and surge protector with at least a 350 joules rating such as the APC Back-UPS Pro 1000 Battery Backup System. Each POS system requires one these and a simple surge protector is not sufficient. Obtain a unit and charge it for at lease 24 hours before connecting it to your POS system.

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