Private Sector Job Growth Fueled By Franchises

jobgrowthPayroll giant ADP has released its National Franchise Report which claims that U.S. franchise employment added 25,060 jobs in October — a figure substantially greater than in recent months.

We at Sintel found this of particular interest due to the momentum we’ve witnessed in the retail and restaurant franchise sector, a major area of our point of sale (POS) expertise.

Here are some of the highlights of the ADP National Franchise Report, as reported in a recent post:

• Of the 130,000 private-sector jobs created during the month of October, the franchise sector accounted for more than 20 percent of the total.

• The 25,060 franchise jobs added in October were higher than the 15,040 September and 16,160 August jobs.

• The six-month jobs-added rolling average for the franchising industry is now 18,860, also substantially below the September figure.

• Restaurants led the way, adding 11,520 new jobs (45% of the total), and the combination category of Auto Parts & Dealers added 5,150 new jobs (20%).

• Of the other four franchise categories, three managed to achieve gains in employment numbers: Accommodations (+2,070), Business Services (+1,430) and Real Estate (+510). Only the category of Food Retailers lost jobs (-710).

If you’re considering starting a franchise business, you might not realize how important it is to choose the right POS provider for your long-term success.

Sintel enhances our customers’ success by turning POS data into strategic decisions, allowing larger franchises to grow and providing startups the foundation for future growth from the very beginning by acting as a franchise incubator, nurturing their businesses for the long haul.

Don’t wait until late in the game to plan for your POS system. The benefits of establishing an early relationship with your POS company are many — not just in demystifying the process and determining the optimal system, but even before you decide on a franchise direction.

Check out the post here. The full ADP National Franchise Report is available here.

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