Restaurant And Eating Etiquette Across The Globe

Etiquette article @ Sintel SystemsTable manners differ tremendously around the globe and what you may consider a form of politeness may just be plain rude. Maybe even odd and unexpected.

When abroad, it is important to get acquainted with eating etiquette to remain from offending the host.

1. Arriving Early

Although in America it is often expected for someone to arrive early, many other countries rather have guest show up late. Mexico, Greece, and Canada all expect you to arrive fashionably tardy. Showing up suddenly is very chic. Whenever in Mexico remember to arrive at least thirty minutes behind schedule.

2. Putting a fork in your mouth

Americans may find not putting a fork in your mouth to be a bizarre custom. We think its a fork. So why not? If you ever find yourself in Thailand or Laos use your fork but never put it in your mouth. Use it to scoop food into a spoon, which can be than put into your mouth.

3. Eating pizza with your hand.

Pizza is a finger food but various countries would shun you without eating with cutlery. In Chili not eating with a fork and knife is a crime.

4. Drinking your afternoon cappuccino

Those cappuccinos many of can’t live with out is a no no in many countries. In Italy anything other than an espresso should not be consumed in the afternoon.

5. Raising your glass without thinking how high your holding it

Korean customs support the idea that you should never raise your glass higher than an elder, whether a boss or a family member. You can almost call it a raising glass hierarchy.

6. Asking for bread before the meal

Forget about getting bread as an appetizer. In France, if you are starving do not expect to be served bread before you receive your meal.

7. Eating a banana with your hand

Dating back to the nineteenth century, aristocratic UK has been eating bananas with a fork and a knife.

8. Tips

It is often rude to not leave a tip for waiters at American restaurants and it is always best that you do. Whereas in Japan, leaving a tip interprets like the staff is begging you for money.

9. Drinking beer from the bottle

Usually when we get a beer we’ll just toss it up and drink it straight. Be sure to forget your lemon wedge in Tanzania and drinking straight. Always make sure to pour it in a glass first.

10. Waiting for everyone else to receive food before digging in

In Italy, right when you are served pasta you eat it. If it is anything other than pasta, you wait for other to be served also. I guess Italians really do love their pasta. Some places, such as India, where it is not rude to begin eating before others.

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