SEO, Loyalty, Linking, Sales: Why to Blog for Your Restaurant’s Brand

SEO, Loyalty, Linking, Sales: Why to Blog for Your Restaurant’s Brand

If you’re already blogging for your restaurant or business, you’re probably wondering how to maximize your efforts. If you’re not blogging, it’s probably time to start.

First, consider these basic hows and whys from

-Keeps people returning to your website
-Showcases your experience
-Gives you new content to share via social
-The more links pointing to your site, the more “important” your site is
-“Fresh is best” according to Google
-Each new blog post is an opportunity for a new set of keywords

For some concise wisdom beyond the buzz of “it’s an SEO secret weapon” or “the best way to generate inbound leads,” these five reasons to blog for your brand provide more in-depth hows and whys on: thought leadership, sales lead generation, cross-promotion, trending engagement, and SEO & linking.

Here’s five more great reasons to get blogging, including “sharpening your sword,” establishing yourself as a trust agent (helpful content = trust, trust = leads, leads = sales), and the “power of the blog comment.”

One recurring theme in blogging how-tos is to vary the type of posts, from length to subject matter to format. Mix it up to keep those eyeballs returning. suggests:

-Top ten
-Guest post
-New product or service

Here’s another take on five post types that will increase reader engagement.

Clearly these bloggers follow the common wisdom of incorporating numerics (which we at Sintel Systems last discussed here ).

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