The Facebook Graph Search Is Not Just For Your Personal Page


Last month Facebook launched Graph Search . By using information you have already given such as location data and different posts/photos that you have been tagged and compiling it all into a search engine.

For retailers, Graph Search gives you the opportunity to locate the customers you do want and even the one’s you may not. published an article titled “Facebook Graph Search Identify Customers You Don’t Want” and listed the best ways to utilize this new search option.

Identify which of your likers are real customers–Search for “people who like [your business name].” Now check those people, and the information available about them, against your customer list. Either you’ll see that someone is a customer and has liked your page or that the person either isn’t a customer or you can’t tell whether he or she is a customer. (The latter is important information to have.)

Collect a list of non-customers who like your page–It doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but you want a good number of people who like your page but have never done business with you.

Figure out which ones came from a game-the-system campaign–You want to be able to tell which of these were interested in freebies or a reward but weren’t interested in doing business.

Look for common traits–Once you know who the freeloaders are, start your analysis. For individuals, ask such questions as what books, movies, types of music, foods, places, or other things people like.”

This is a fantastic way to get to know the individuals who truly like or even love your brand. By knowing what they want you are creating even more loyal consumers. Try out the new Facebook Graph Search and let us what you think.

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