The one rule about social media and your restaurant

Do you have social media accounts for your business? Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest there is one rule above all: Own Everything!

While this may seem like a simple rule, many business owners do not follow it and the consequences are not always so pleasant.

If you own your own pizzeria and you hired an outside agency or consultant to manage your social media marketing, make sure that you control all the passwords and usernames for your various social media accounts.

The terms and conditions that you and the agency have come up with need to be written out; so that you can make sure that they are doing exactly what you are paying them to do.

Though, you may have hired them to do the work, you still need to play an active part. Make sure that they are doing what you envisioned.

But, in some cases you might not be able to hire an agency to help manage with your social media. Instead, you may assign some of your employees to the task.

Again you need to make sure that you have all of the passwords and usernames for all of your accounts. And that your employees are not creating usernames without your permission.

It is also extremely important to create guidelines for your employees on what they can and cannot post on social media. You want to make sure all posts are appropriate from your brand.  Once something is posted on line, it is there forever even if you press “delete”.

This is your business, your brain child, your blood sweat and tears. Make sure that you are an active force leading your social media where you want it to go.

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