The Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Using an iPad Point of Sale System

We talked previously in a blog about iPad Point of Sale Systems. Yes they are the new hot phenomenon but are they actually a smart move to make with your business?

Here are the top 4 reasons to avoid using an iPad Point of Sale System

  1. Your iPad is broken or stolen

If you decide to use your iPad for your Point of Sale system and the iPad becomes broken or worse, stolen, all of your Point of Sale information is lost. Unlike a regular Point of Sale system, where your information can be shared on other systems within the business, once the POS system on your iPad is gone, it’s gone for good.

We at Sintel Systems created a mobile variant for the Android Tablet. This is different from an iPad because the tablet works as an extension of the system – not the system itself.

If one day your tablet goes missing, there will be no need to fear. All of your information will still be safe and secure on your Point of Sale System from Sintel Systems.

  1. An overload of information

If you do set up mobile payment on an iPad for your business, the iPad may not be able to handle such an enormous amount of activity.  If your business does really well (which we hope it does) the constant use of the POS system on the iPad may cause the iPad to overwork and create problems within the system.

  1. The Payment System

With Sintel Systems you get an all in one payment system , but when using a mobile device, you may be forced to use a third party, like Square, who will charge you additional fees. These fees are usually much higher than an integrated POS system.


  1. Not Individually Tailored

The POS system an iPad may not be specific for your type of business. Whether you run a pizzeria or a clothing store, the POS system will include the same exact features for both. While an integrated POS system will offer a system catered towards your business and its individual needs.

The iPad was never created to replace a Point of Sale system. Let’s let the iPad do what it was built to do, and let a Point of Sale system take care of the rest.

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